Francis Hydro Turbines

Francis Hydro Turbine

Francis turbines are most suited for low to medium head applications and have a variable flow range which generally extends from 40-110% of the nominal flow rate. The flow rate or power output is controlled by opening or closing the guide vanes. Tamar’s Francis machines are often employed as revenue generating alternatives for pressure reducing valves in existing water infrastructure.


  • Compact design with limited maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Can be manufactured in a range of materials to suit the customer’s requirements
  • Can be configured as either horizontal or vertical machines
  • Can be readily integrated into existing water infrastructure
  • Direct coupling to a generator is often possible to minimise the installation and maintenance requirements
  • Manual or fully automated flow regulation
  • Can be designed and built to operate on sewerage and other process effluent
  • Output to 10MW per machine