Kaplan Hydro Turbines

Kaplan Hydro Turbine

Kaplan turbines are recommended for low head applications. They generally have a flow range extending from 30 – 110% of the nominal flow rate. Double Regulated Kaplan turbines have both variable guide vanes and runner blades which ensure a high and flat efficiency curve across the entire flow range. These turbines can also be offered as single regulating and fixed flow (propeller) machines.


  • Compact design
  • Designed and manufactured for minimal maintenance
  • Can be manufactured in a range of materials to suit the customer’s requirements
  • Can be configured as either horizontal or vertical machines
  • Can be inserted into pipelines to generate power from excess pressure
  • Manual or fully automated flow regulation
  • Can be retrofitted into existing weirs, dams etc. with minimal civil works
  • Propeller (Fixed Flow) machines offer significant cost savings where head and flow are relatively constant
  • Output to 10MW per machine