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With an impressive legacy spanning over four decades, Tamar Hydro has cemented its position as the foremost designer and manufacturer of custom Mini Hydro Turbines in the Australasian and Pacific regions. At Tamar Hydro, our unwavering commitment is centred around developing and propelling integrated sustainable solutions that lay the foundation for a greener and more prosperous future. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, meticulous design, and an unwavering dedication to sustainability, we unleash the full potential of each project we undertake.


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At Tamar Hydro, we take a unique approach to each project, carefully examining the delivery needs of every solution. Our team of technical, mechanical, and engineering experts uses unmatched expertise to meticulously assess and fine-tune each element, aiming for exceptional outcomes.


Our thorough feasibility studies provide invaluable insights into project aspects like location, environment, throughput, and commercial requirements. This detailed understanding empowers us to make informed decisions and customise solutions to meet unique needs, laying the groundwork for success and unlocking its full potential.


Our team of expert engineers collaborates to deliver practical and detailed designs that meet environmental demands. We utilize best-in-class materials and components, ensuring superior durability and efficiency in our manufacturing process.


We provide thorough turbine maintenance and deliver expert long-term recommendations to keep your solution updated with industry advancements, ensuring sustained performance and efficiency.

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Clients choose to partner with us due to our unrivaled expertise and unwavering dedication to building a sustainable future. Explore our client case studies to witness the transformative impact of our projects firsthand.

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