Kaplan Turbines

Versatile and Efficient

These turbines are specifically designed to excel in scenarios with low head conditions. With a flow range extending from 30% to 110% of the nominal flow rate, Kaplan turbines offer versatility and adaptability to meet your specific project requirements.

Our double regulated Kaplan turbines feature both variable guide vanes and runner blades. This unique design ensures a consistently high and flat efficiency curve across the entire flow range. This means that regardless of the flow rate, you can rely on these turbines to deliver exceptional performance and maximize energy generation.

Additionally, Tamar Hydro also offers Kaplan turbines as single regulating and fixed flow (propeller) machines. This option provides a simplified configuration for applications where a specific flow rate is desired.

Close up of the Runner Hub and Housing on a Kaplan Turbine

Kaplan Turbine Runner Hub and Housing


  • Compact design

  • Designed and manufactured for minimal maintenance.

  • Can be manufactured in a range of materials.

  • Can be configured as either horizontal or vertical machines.

  • Can be inserted into pipelines to generate power from excess pressure.

  • Manual or fully automated flow regulation

  • Can be retrofitted into existing weirs, dams etc. with minimal civil works.

  • Propeller (Fixed Flow) machines offering significant cost savings where head and flow are relatively constant.

  • Output to 10MW per machine

Assembly of a rotating Kaplan Turbine in Tamar Hydro's workshop

Kaplan Turbine Rotating Assembly

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