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Containerised Solutions

Discover The Power Of Convenience

Our innovative approach allows us to adapt most turbine designs to fit standard shipping containers, providing a seamless and efficient solution for your unique application.

The flexibility of our containerised solutions means that the size constraints of your project are no longer a hurdle. With the exception of the physical dimensions of higher-powered turbine designs, we can containerise turbines of various types and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Our containerised solutions incorporate both reaction-type machines, such as Francis and Pump-as-Turbine designs, and impulse-type machines, including Pelton and Turgo designs. This diverse range ensures that we have the right turbine solution to harness the available water resources efficiently and sustainably.

Experience the ease of implementation and rapid deployment with Tamar Hydro’s containerised power stations. Whether it’s an off-grid location or a remote area with limited infrastructure, our plug-and-play solutions offer a hassle-free way to generate clean energy.

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