Francis Turbines

Unlocking Efficiency with Francis Turbines

Discover the remarkable Francis turbines offered by Tamar Hydro, specifically designed for low to medium head applications. These turbines are renowned for their ability to operate within a variable flow range, typically spanning from 40% to 110% of the nominal flow rate. By adjusting the guide vanes, the flow rate and power output can be precisely controlled to meet your specific requirements.

Our Francis turbines serve as excellent revenue-generating alternatives to pressure reducing valves in established water infrastructure. By utilising the power of flowing water, these turbines not only regulate pressure but also generate valuable energy in the process. This dual functionality makes them an ideal choice for optimising existing water systems and transforming them into profitable assets.

At Tamar Hydro, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that align with your business goals. With our high-quality Francis turbines, you can efficiently harness the power of water, minimise waste, and generate revenue, all while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Vertical Fancis Turbine case installation for Jindabyne project in New South Wales, Australia

Vertical Francis Turbine Case Installation


  • Compact design with limited maintenance

  • High efficiency

  • Can be configured as either horizontal or vertical machines.

  • Can be readily integrated into existing water infrastructure.

  • Direct coupling to a generator is often possible to minimize the installation and maintenance requirements.

  • Manual or fully automated flow regulation

  • Can be designed and built to operate on sewerage and other process effluent.

  • Output to 10MW per machine

Installation of a Horizontal Francis Turbine

Preston Horizontal Francis

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