Our Heritage, Our Journey, Our Story

The Evolution of Tamar Hydro

A 40-Year Journey in Hydroelectric Power

Join us in retracing the remarkable 40-year journey of Tamar Hydro, a prominent engineering company dedicated to hydroelectric power. Our story, from our humble beginnings as Tamar Designs to the thriving Tamar Hydro of today, showcases our enduring commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions that have made us a trusted leader in the industry.

1973 – 1992: Inception and Expansion

Founded in the quaint township of Deviot, Tasmania, in 1973, Tamar Designs initially focused on manufacturing valve chests for the marine market. However, driven by a strong commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, the company gradually broadened its product range to include the design and production of hydroelectric turbines. This period also saw Tamar Designs secure the Australian agency for the renowned British ‘GILKES’ pump.

Global Reach and Growth

As Tamar Designs honed its expertise in hydroelectric technology, it embarked on exporting hydroelectric schemes to various countries across the Asia/Pacific region. Successful projects in Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and others earned the company a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient hydroelectric solutions on an international scale

1993: Relocation and Diversification

In 1993, Tamar Designs underwent a significant relocation of its operations to Exeter, Tasmania, where Tamar Hydro continues to thrive today. While continuing to specialise in hydro power equipment and water pumping systems, the company diversified its offerings, becoming a major player in the general engineering support industry. Tamar Designs also expanded its services to include mechanical marine design and installation, catering to complete ship engine rooms.


Acquisitions and New Heights

Tamar Designs’ dedication to excellence and innovation garnered attention, leading to its acquisition by Tyco, a globally renowned corporation, in the year 2000. Notably, Tyco achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first Tasmanian company to be accredited by the Department of Defence under AS3902.

In October 2012, Tyco underwent another significant change when it was acquired by Pentair, bringing with it a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing hydroelectric power generation plants. Pentair’s impressive track record of over 200 units built further bolstered Tamar Designs’ capabilities.

2015: The Birth of Tamar Hydro

Finally, in 2015, after decades of progress and transformation, the company underwent a rebranding, emerging as Tamar Hydro. This new name symbolised a unified entity, representing the amalgamation of the various stages of the company’s journey—from its origins as Tamar Designs, through the Tyco and Pentair phases.