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Integrated Excellence

Our comprehensive approach makes your life easier. Instead of juggling interactions with multiple companies, all services are consolidated in one place, reducing your costs, efficiently managing project timelines, and ensuring a smooth delivery, ultimately providing you with a hassle-free experience.

We take care of every aspect of your project.  This encompasses feasibility studies, design, manufacturing (mchanical and electrical), project management, installation, commissioning, communications setup, and, if required, ongoing maintenance.

Analysis and Assessment

This is the feasability stage. Our project team assesses the problem or need, identifies stakeholders, and gathers requirements. This phase helps define the scope and objectives of the project.

Solution Design

Based on the analysis, a detailed solution is designed. This involves creating plans, architectures, and specifications for all aspects of the solution.


The solution is developed according to the design specifications. This can include mechanical manufacturing, electrical needs, general fabrication, communications, software programming or any other necessary components.

3D design draft of pipework and turbine for O'shannassy Mini-Hydropower station

3D model Displacement plot without supporting members


Large crane lifting a Kaplan Turbine into Burnett Mini Hydroelectric facility in Queensland, Australia

Installation of  Single Regulating Vertical Shaft Kaplan for Burnett Mini Hydroelectric Facility. QLD, Australia

Deployment and Implementation

The solution is deployed, comissioned and implemented within the organisation or for the intended users. This may involve training during implementation.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The developed solution is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the specified requirements and functions correctly. Bugs and issues are identified and resolved.

Project Management

A dedicated team of project managers oversee the entire end-to-end process, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey from project initiation to completion.

Support and Maintenance

Providing support to end-users, addressing issues, and performing regular maintenance to keep the solution running smoothly.


Throughout the project, comprehensive documentation is created to guide future maintenance and updates.

Project Closure

After successful deployment and stabilization of the solution, the project is formally closed. This includes final documentation, stakeholder approvals, and a post-project review to capture lessons learned.

Welder working on large pipe inside Tamar hydro's workshop

Crafting Success, from Start to Finish

End-to-end solution manufacturing is a holistic approach that aims to streamline and optimise every aspect of the manufacturing process, from concept to delivery. This approach can lead to cost savings, improved product quality, faster time-to-market, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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