Pump as Turbine

The Power of Pump as Turbine Solutions

At Tamar Hydro, we continue our commitment to leading the renewable energy sector with innovative solutions, and our Pump as Turbine (PAT) products are no exception. Drawing from over 40 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, supplying, refurbishing, and servicing hydro turbines, generators, valves, controls, and monitoring equipment, we have expanded our offerings to include cutting-edge PAT solutions.

Our technical and engineering prowess is at the core of fully integrated hydroelectric solutions, ranging from containerized micro-hydro units ideal for rural electrification in developing regions to Mini Hydro installations of up to 10 MW. With a focus on sustainability and performance, our PAT products harness the untapped potential of water, ensuring a reliable and eco-friendly source of energy.

a large blue Containerised Pump as Turbine finished project for St Alban.


  • Revenue generating replacement for existing pressure reducing valves.
  • Energy recovery from environmental flows on hydropower dams, irrigation dams and other water storages.
  • Dedicated low-cost hydropower schemes, either grid connected, or off grid.
  • Pressure controls in cooling circuits and other fluid systems.
  • Reduction of process water pressure.
  • Fixed flow solutions
Completed Pump as Turbine installation


  • Typically, good performance at the design efficiency point.
  • Adjustment to fluctuating Flow rates is possible by employing several pumps of different sizes.
  • Low initial outlays often mean that the system pays for itself in a short time frame.
  • In suitable systems wasted energy recovery is possible with low initial investment.
  • Minimum Control is required.
  • Servicing and repairs are simple, fast, and low cost, parts are available off-the-shelf and service personnel are familiar with pump technology.
  • Pump as turbine packages are relatively quick to design and manufacture, lightweight and depending on the size, economical to transport anywhere in the world.
Close up of a completed Turbine Pump

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